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I had the pleasure of working with Tony who is an exceptional nutritionist with decades of experience both in the gym and meal plans, and I must say, my journey toward a healthier lifestyle has been truly transformative.

Tony not only possesses a wealth of knowledge but also a remarkable ability to communicate dietary concepts in an understandable and engaging manner.

Under Tony’s guidance, I embarked on a customised diet and training plan that exceeded my expectations. I shed 10 pounds of weight, and beyond the scales, I felt stronger whilst in the gym and my stamina and pace whilst running was both surprising and rewarding.

What sets Tony apart from other people that I have worked with in the past was not just his expertise but also his passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.

John Briston

Tony is great, he treats you like you’re his only client and always has time for you. I’ve used aurora nutrition for 2 months now and my confidence has grown, i’ve learnt so much about what i should be eating and why i’m eating what i am rather than just telling me to do it. Would highly recommend to anyone

Liza Jones

Tony at Aurora Nutrition is very knowledgeable about what foods to eat and how to make sure you have a balanced diet. He asked me a series of questions and then, having listened to what I want to achieve, made several helpful suggestions. For example, he said I should not cut out so many carbohydrates and should re-introduce some potatoes, pasta or bread into my meal plan.


From the start of our conversations, Tony was extremely professional and helped me to get to my goal.
I would definitely recommend Aurora Nutrition. Response time was very quick and answered all my questions. Thank you Tony

Tracy Lees

An absolute pleasure working with Aurora and I received an excellent manageable meal plan to follow and kind advice, encouragement and guidance whenever I needed it. Regular check ins. I would highly recommend Aurora Nutrition.

Carol Gregory

Very helpful and professional. EAsy to communicate and not complicated.